Top Personal Branding Tools to Save Time

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If you’re like the average career-driven leader who is always busy running a business or climbing the corporate ladder, it may be that your online presence isn’t reflecting the career you’ve built in real life. 

If you are reading this it means you are lacking time but would love to build your personal brand. 

However, your personal brand doesn’t have to be a full-time job, it’s simply how you tell your story. 

You see, personal branding is a lifelong asset. It’s something you grow, protect and how you are perceived. We all have one regardless if we are trying to monetize it. That being said, if you are a leader hoping to build your personal brand but are lacking the time, here are 7 tools that will help you build a brand so you can start to put yourself out there in the online space: 

    1. If you are going to build a personal brand, you better start registering your first and last name. Domains are pretty cheap here so get yours before your doppelganger gets it. 
    2. WordPress – Most people will suggest Squarespace, however, if at some point you plan to grow your brand, I would suggest getting on WordPress as it’s more customizable. For the time being, you can create a simple website using one of their templates. However, down the road, I would suggest you hire someone to help you build your website. 
    3. – If you are someone who is really lacking time and also wants to stay under budget, I would suggest hiring freelancers on Fiverr. Fivver has saved me so much time and the cost to hire freelancers is pretty great for your pocket! So, for example, you can hire someone to help you build a simple website using this tool. 
    4. Coolors– If you don’t have a color palette, I’d suggest you get one. You can generate color combinations for your brand colors using this tool. 
    5.  – Do yourself a favor and get the paid version. This graphic design tool is what I used to create my email freebie “Build A Courageous Personal Brand” along with hiring someone on Fivver. I not only saved money but time! It’s perfect for creating quote graphics, social graphics, and blog posts. 
    6. VEED- I use this tool to quickly create videos & audiograms in all different formats and sizes for social media content.  
    7. – If you are just trying to put content out to see what sticks until you figure out exactly what you want to be known for, I would suggest Buffer. You can easily schedule content to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. However, I’d recommend that when starting a personal brand, only focus on growing 1-2 platforms at first, to avoid overwhelm. 
    8. Generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations with Otter. I use it to record speeches or presentations that I can then edit later. 

Now, go put yourself out there, show up as your most confident self and start sharing your value online. Personal branding provides credibility. It’s time to stand out.


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