Visionary Story Intensive

Turn Your Remarkable Story Into a Marketable Brand

That moment you realize the endless possibilities your personal story possesses—that’s irreplaceable.

Building a brand requires dedication, flexibility, and ultimately… heart.

As a purpose-driven visionary, you have all the parts to build your brand; my purpose is helping you put them in all the right chapters of your story.

Your story is the most powerful tool in your belt.

You are more than just your job or professional title, you are someone who has a special message to share with the world. You are an action-taker who is highly motivated and ready to create their dream life while empowering others.

Although your career is important and you want to create financial wealth, you find fulfillment in serving others and creating impact and change in this world.

You are ready to dig into the core of your story and highlight the core values you stand for.
You want to bring authenticity and credibility into your brand so you attract high-value opportunities.

Even though at times you feel overwhelmed building a brand, your intuition tells you to keep going.
You know you have a higher purpose.

Your story matters.

Making sense of your story will help you lead and create the bigger impact you desire.

As your story coach, the ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing you fully express and embrace your individuality with a fluency that clearly shares your message with the world.

In this leader story intensive, we are going to dig deep.


I will first start by walking through the beginning and asking you thought-provoking questions from your past 


Using journalist storytelling techniques,  I’ll pull out your “why” and help you get clarity on your message


Even if you know your genius in this world, I’ll be able to withdraw what truly makes you unique


We’ll discover what parts of your story to highlight and what limiting beliefs are stopping you from creatively articulating your vision and ideas to build a brand and life you love. 

The Leader Story Intensive focuses on what makes your life remarkable versus the soul-sucking aspect of marketing an online brand.

Learn To Create An Authentic Brand Story That Embodies Your True Personality!

We will discover what truly makes your heart light up.



This work is necessary in order to become a courageous leader who is ready to build a bold life and business. 

Influential leaders must be great storytellers. If you are ready to make a name for yourself and inspire, influence and impact others, it’s time to share your story with courage.

Getting clear on your message and how to clearly communicate it will help you connect deeply with your audience to create a profound impact and authentically inspire them. You’ll be able to confidently own your voice, rather than be a carbon copy of another leader in your industry.

Perhaps you are launching a new product, hosting an event or workshop or need to secure funding for a project, sharing your story, will leave an everlasting impression on your audience influencing them to take action and want to be a part of the brand you are building.

It’s time to start attracting opportunities you’ve dreamt of and connect with your audience on a much deeper level all because you are ready to vulnerably  tell your story.

I will help you boldly share your truth so you can create an impact in this world by helping you answer questions like


What is your driving force in life?


How would sharing your story help you build a life you love?


How can embracing your individuality help you gain more career opportunities and brand visibility?


What kind of impact do you create when you are sharing what you are most passionate about? 

 If you are ready to become an influential leader who creates change by authentically articulating their story, book the Leader Story Intensive. 

What’s Included

2 hour-video call to gather insights about your values, strengths, past, expertise, and impact you’d like to create 

A one-page write-up of our session that includes personalized strategies that can direct you where and how to use your story 

A value’s audit to help you implement your values into your life and brand story. 

Recording of the session so you can look back and take notes.

Email accountability for 7 days to set you up for success so you can effectively share your story in a clear, precise and compelling manner.

Action steps to help you achieve your goals as a leader with a powerful story to grow both in your personal and professional life. 

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Leadership Story Success Stories

Jenn Rice, Regional Sales Director, Non-Profit Founder and Host of ‘The Token Female’ Podcast

Karla Gregg x Jenn Rice were perfectly matched in collaboration heaven. She was exactly what I needed at the right time. Her bold vision and ability to draw the brand story of empowerment and strength out of me was easy and authentic. Karla gave me the opportunity to focus on the true goal and narrative and continually checked in with me to make sure we were delivering to the audience exactly that; being authentic in the world of social media which is hard these days. Being able to delegate out my area of weakness, building my brand online to Karla, released me to focus on the core business. Having to share yourself to the world is full of insecurities and vulnerability and my story was truly an open book for me. Karla helped nurture the flow of my content and allowed me to be vulnerable to build the brand. She is a badass who builds bold brands! 

Jenn Rice

Regional Sales Director, Non-Profit Founder, Host of ‘The Token Female’ Podcast

Stephanie Oyervides, Fashion Designer and Owner of The Taste Studio