1:1 Private Coaching

What Makes You Remarkable?

For the visionary woman who is done holding back her truth, tired of delaying her potential and fed up with hiding who she truly is in her personal and professional life. It’s time to finally come undone, embrace your individuality, take courageous action on your vision and become who you are meant to be.




You want to live with clarity
You want to live with courage.
You want to live with intention.
You want to live with authenticity.

Embody your most confident,

self-expressive, truest self .

Do any of these sound like you…


  • You want to feel incredible levels of fulfillment, courage, passion and enthusiasm in life. 
  • You are tired of overthinking and are ready to take courageous action.
  • You are afraid you may be scrutinized for everything you say if you put the truest version of yourself out into the world.
  • You feel torn between two or more paths in your personal and professional.
  • You are experiencing a new or challenging life change and need guidance on how to navigate through it. 
  • You are ready to surrender,  reinvent yourself and become a more integrated and  complete version of yourself. 
  • You have this really deep desire to live out your life vision, but feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of other responsibilities that you have.
  • You want the courage and confidence to become who you are meant to be. 
  • You feel a disconnect between who you are on the inside and who you are to the outside world.
  • You want to create work that is authentic to who you are. 
  • You want to show up vulnerably but fear your colleagues, peers, industry leaders and family’s opinions or criticisms.
  • You overthink which prevents you from moving forward.


Imagine if you got clarity on who you’re meant to be, courageously spoke your truth,identified and released your fears and transformed yourself from the inside out. How would that feel?


If you you are ready to have a deeper consciousness of self, live in alignment with your values and live more authentically, 1:1 private coaching is for you. 


Working with me will help you :

  • Live in alignment with who your truly are.
  • Rewrite your internal story so you can shine your light to the world. 
  • Become a more integrated and a  complete version of yourself.
  • Gain clarity and better know yourself, purpose, vision and values. 
  • Commit to yourself, your goals, and rewrite an empowering life story on a deeper level. 
  •  Gain the courage to overcome the fears and self-doubt that is holding you back.
  • Stop letting other people’s opinions, fears, and beliefs dictate your life decisions. 
  • Take courageous action on your purpose & passion. 
  • Overcome imposter syndrome and stand out from the crowd.
  • Reprogram the subconscious mind for success through NLP & MER.
  • Identify and let go of negative thoughts and limiting stories that preventing you from your life vision and desires.
  • Shine your personality & not hold back from sharing your essence with the world. 
  • Reinvent your most aligned, empowered, and purpose driven self. 
  • Be seen as a leader, speaker and/or mentor in your community because of the impact you make on other’s lives. 

If you are ready to truly own who your are and let go of what isn’t serving you, let’s work together. 

By the end of our time together, you will have the power to become an influential leader who confidently and courageously shares your passions, purpose and personality with the world! 


                                                          You are one decision from a deep, soul transformation. 

3-Month Private Coaching Program includes:

The Initiation Call

During this call, we will go over how to work with your conscious and unconscious mind, to ensure we are successful during our breakthrough session. We will go over concepts and principles that will postively impact your life and pave the foundation for the rest of the mentorship.

Breakthrough Session

In this intensive that lasts 5-8 hours, we will work on one area in your life, either your career or personal growth and go deep into your soul to identify what is holding you back. We will also discover your values and deepest desires. Get ready to get vulnerable so we can rewrite your remarkable story that is inside of you.

1:1 Private Coaching Calls

Eight (8) 1:1 (90 minute calls) to help you get clear on your vision, purpose, values and goals. 

Unlimited Voice Memo access to me through Voxer App.

Email support to review your passion projects you need review on. 

Release Obstacles & Limitations

Using Mental Emotional Release® (MER), a therapy technique in NLP, that helps you identify and release your limiting beliefs, negative emotions and fears that hold you back, and replace them with empowering beliefs and positive thoughts that support your life vision on a conscious level. 

PLUS, 12 Week Coaching Clients receive access to meditation guides, resources and tools I use as an NLP Master Practitioner.

The transformational change you will experience during our 3-months working together:


You will sharpen your life purpose and take control of the internal stories in your subconcious mind to create your most remarkable life story.


You’ll take your business/career/purpose to the next level and lead with your heart. 


I’ll teach you how to align your goals to your values and vision so you can live with integrity, fullfillment, peace and joy.


You will understand and work through your blocks and habits holding you back from the life you want to live. Say goodbye to imposter syndrome & let go of perfectionism so you can embrace your individuality!


I’ll show you how to confidently speak your truth, own your credibility as a leader and share your knowledge …in your personal and professional life…online or offline…or Pluto and Mars.


We will go over your unique personality traits so you can boldly embrace who you are and finally come undone.


 Are You Ready? Apply Now.

1 payment of $5,000 or 4 payments of $1,250


 I only have limited spaces for personalized 1:1 coaching so if you are interested, please apply.

Once you apply, I will review your application and see if you’re a great fit.

Next steps? I help you become who you are so you can live out your fullest potential,

take courageous action and live out your most remarkable life story. 


I love working with Karla! She is knowledgeable and professional, and her energy and enthusiasm are always inspiring and infectious. Working with Karla has helped me clarify my rebrand process by implementing strategies around my image and messaging. She is patient and kind and goes out of her way to support you in your business’s success. I always feel so motivated after meeting and talking with Karla. I’m happy and grateful that I can work with someone aligned with my goals and vision.

Emily Dianda

Yoga & Wellness Instructor, E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

“Branch out and let go of fears”…Karla definitely helped me with this. I found her through her YouTube content and sent her an Instagram message because I was doubting whether to go start social media freelancing. I was having a hard time with my personal brand and was scared to branch out, but happy to say that I started to freelance for a small social media agency shortly after working with Karla. For the first time in a long time I believe in myself and I feel like I am an expert. Thank you Karla for your time, wisdom and advice. If you have the opportunity to work with Karla, you won’t regret it!!!

Jenny Monzon

Marketing Specialist, Social Media Strategist and Event Manager

“In just two coaching sessions with Karla, I was able to find clarity on what content to post on my business Instagram and even saw major growth in my page after just 2 weeks! I even feel more confident in how to share about my business with purpose off and online.  She’s worth every penny.”

Stephanie Oyervides

Fashion Designer, Owner of The Taste Studio

Don’t Want To Commit To 12 Weeks of Coaching?
 Book a 90-Minute  Clarity Session

In this 90-minute clarity call we will tackle one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to your personal and professional life. If you are stuck on your personal identity, personal brand message or just need guidance on how to show up  as your most authentic self so you can take courageous action, this is where you can pick my brain and ask me any questions.

Becoming who you are meant to me takes clarity, confidence and courage.

We live in a society where we are told who to be, what to do and what we should have in order to “be successful.”

Everyone will try to box you in and label you, including yourself. It is time, to stop holding yourself back from who you want to become based on the labels others have placed on you.

If you are ready to look within yourself,  truly embrace who they are, let go of fears and unlock your most remarkable life story, book a 60-minute call so we can tackle your vision one step at a time.