Personal Breakthrough Intensive

Turn your life experiences into a remarkable story! Rewrite your story & take control of your narrative.

That moment you realize the power your internal story possesses—that’s irreplaceable.

Go from self-doubt to self-empowered in your self-identity. 

You have the desire to change, let me help you get to the root cause of what is subconsciously preventing you from living out your most remarkable life story!

You are more than the titles, fears and doubts yet, our lived experiences and the information we obtain from the external world, can either benefit us or hold us back from our fullest potential.

Our actions and choices often stem from deep-rooted stories and patterns that we may not even be aware of. By engaging in self-reflection and inner work, you can reclaim your power and rewrite your story to take control of your life’s narrative.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Personal Growth & Identity coach, I use Mental and Emotional Release®, a clinically researched timeline therapy approach to help you release fear, self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions and beliefs on a subconscious level.

In the Breakthrough Story Intensive, we will elicit your purpose, story, values and use Mental and Emotional Release® to help you replace sabotaging behaviors (such as dimming your light, procrastinating, staying stuck in perfectionism or self doubt) and will then rewrite your story from the inside out to help you support your goals & vision. Taking action and staying focused is the real challenge, which is why I offer my 3-6 month Private 1:1 coaching program if you want to have accountability and on-going support in your personal or professional growth.

Each Breakthrough Story Intensive is customized based on what YOU need, specifically.

My ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing you fully express and embrace your individuality with a fluency that courageously and clearly expresses who you are to the world. You can either change your narrative or stay stuck in the “That’s just the way I am” mindset.  

In this Personal Breakthrough Intensive, we are going to dig deep.


You will learn techniques to help you go from procrastination to motivation and lack of abundance to total resourcefulness.


We will release fear, self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions and beliefs on a subconscious level.


We will resolve internal disempowering stories that derail you from making decisions with confidence


Help you move towards your life vision with a new empowering, remarkable story 


We’ll discover what parts of your story to preserve and which ones to release that are preventing you from living a life you love. 


You will get rid of and turn major fears into teachers. 


We will explore the process of stepping into our own story through emotional inquiry. 

It’s time we stop carrying around your baggage like a carry on bag,

fly away fromthe fear & self-doubt & stay grounded, balanced and at peace.


Karla Gregg leaning beside the rooftop railing

This work is necessary in order to become your truest,  courageous highest self. It’s time to rewrite your story in any of the following areas of your life:

A Breakthrough Story Intensive Is For You If You Feel Stuck In:

  • Your Personal Growth 
  • Your Career
  • Your Relationships

I will help you boldly live in your truth & have the courage to be your truest self by guiding you through questions like:


What is your driving force in life?


In each of these life experiences/events, what is the relationship between the event and your current situation in life?


Is there anything your Unconscious Mind wants you to know or is there anything you’re not getting which, if you got it, would allow the problem to disappear?


Is there a purpose for this problem?

 If you are ready to make a change in your life, a breakthrough is an transformational process. 

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3 Days, 3 Sessions, 3 hours each.

Day 1– Uncover Your Story

We’ll dig deep into the beliefs, patterns, stories, and behaviors that may be keeping you from reaching your fullest potential. You’ll have a chance to share your personal story and gain a greater understanding of your desires, values, beliefs, and goals. Together, we’ll unlock the power of your internal narrative and identify any obstacles standing in your way. 

Day 2– Reclaim Your Story

In this phase, we’ll dive deep into Mental and Emotional Release®, a clinically researched approach that helps you release stress, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions. By tapping into the power of visualization techniques, MER empowers the subconscious mind to identify the root cause of these negative emotions and release them without the need to relive past traumas.


Day 3– Rewrite Your Story:

You’ll take a powerful leap towards designing your ideal self and future vision. You’ll gain an unshakable sense of clarity and authenticity, crafting a plan of action to bring your dream life to fruition while establishing healthy boundaries with compassion. This transformative experience will propel you towards stepping into a new personal identity that fully aligns with your true self, empowering you with the confidence and courage to take bold, inspired action towards your goals. By gaining a deep understanding of your values and priorities, you’ll unlock the ability to live your life with intention and purpose, resulting in a newfound sense of fulfillment and success.

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Personal Breakthrough Intensive

Marcia Mark, Account executive at Avolve Software Corporation

Karla is a kind soul with a beautiful heart. She is compassionate, intuitive and I felt very safe sharing personal information with her. She helped me overcome some longtime barriers in the area of career and finance. I had tried multiple times multiple ways to push through and make changes on my own. She was able to help me identify limiting beliefs and get to core issues holding me back. Since working with Karla my confidence and income have increased. I’m so grateful for her assistance and would highly recommend a breakthrough session with follow up coaching sessions. Investing in Karla is ultimately an amazing investment in yourself.

Marcia Mark

Rachel Corbett, Gynecologist