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What Makes You Remarkable?

Do you want come undone and be your most authentic, courageous self? Is fear holding you back from sharing who you truly are with the world? Does the thought of being vulnerable and sharing your truest self terrify you? Are you constantly caught in self-doubt that it holds you back from the vision you want to create for your life? Become your most empowered self and embrace your individuality so you can build a life with purpose both in your personal and professional life. Personalized 1:1 coaching is ideal for action-takers who are ready to work towards transforming their lives and taking control of their narrative.

3-Month 1:1 Program: 

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Breakthrough Story Intensive

Turn your life experiences into a remarkable story! 

That moment you realize the endless possibilities your personal story possesses—that’s irreplaceable. Go from self-doubt to self-empowered in your self-identity. 

You are more than the titles, fears and doubts that life throws at you. Many of our behaviors and decisions come from untapped subconscious stories and patterns. When you do the inner work, you can take your power back, rewrite your story & take control of your narrative.

You have the desire to change, let me help you get to the root cause of what is subconsciously preventing you from living out your most remarkable life story!

Price starting at $997

Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking and Media 

I love speaking about the importance of rewriting your remarkable life story and empowering woman to courageously let go of their fears to build a life that is unapologetically them!

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Karla Gregg x Jenn Rice were perfectly matched in collaboration heaven. She was exactly what I needed at the right time. Her bold vision and ability to draw the story of empowerment and strength out of me was easy and authentic. Karla gave me the opportunity to focus on the true goal and narrative and continually checked in with me to make sure we were delivering to the audience exactly that; being authentic in the world of social media which is hard these days. Being able to delegate out my area of weakness, building my brand online to Karla, released me to focus on the core business. Having to share yourself to the world is full of insecurities and vulnerability and my story was truly an open book for me. Karla helped nurture the flow of my content and allowed me to be vulnerable to build the brand. She is a badass who builds bold brands!

Jenn Rice: Regional Sales Director | Non-Profit Founder | Host of ‘The Token Female’ Podcast

I love working with Karla! She is knowledgeable and professional, and her energy and enthusiasm are always inspiring and infectious. Working with Karla has helped me clarify my rebrand process by implementing strategies around my image and messaging. She is patient and kind and goes out of her way to support you in your business's success. I always feel so motivated after meeting and talking with Karla. I'm happy and grateful that I can work with someone aligned with my goals and vision.

Emily Dianda, Yoga & Wellness Instructor, E-RYT® 200, YACEP®

Branch out and let go of fears”...Karla definitely helped me with this. I found her through her YouTube content and sent her an Instagram message because I was doubting whether to go start social media freelancing. I was having a hard time with my personal brand and was scared to branch out, but happy to say that I started to freelance for a small social media agency shortly after our 1:1 personal brand call. For the first time in a long time I believe in myself and I feel like I am an expert. Thank you Karla for your time, wisdom and advice.

If you have the opportunity to work with Karla, you won’t regret it!!!

Jenny Monzon: Marketing Specialist, Social Media Strategist and Event Manager