Reframing Limiting Beliefs into Empowering Beliefs About Sharing Your Message Online

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A couple of weeks ago I said “YES!” to doing a workshop on how to make Instagram Reels. At first, I was hesitant because I have tried so hard to step out of my role as a Social Media Strategist & into my role as a personal growth & story coach. However, I then asked myself “How can you still help women be their truest selves, speak their truth and not hold back their potential?”

So before teaching the lovely women who attended how to create reels, I helped them identify limiting beliefs and how to reframe them into empowering beliefs when an unwanted thought comes into your mind.

Being the REAL, authentic, truest version of yourself (online and offline) is a daily practice. It is making a decision to embrace who you are, your truth, your purpose and being courageous enough to share your message with the world.

Our perception of reality shapes our world and the world we live in. If you think people will reject you, criticize you, or judge you, they will but more so you’ll start feeling negative feelings and emotions about who you are. If you don’t feel knowledgeable, people will believe you aren’t knowledgeable and your subconscious mind will start believing it too.

In order to step into courage and create a world of possibilities & opportunities by creating with intention, you need to reframe your thoughts/statements/decisions/beliefs in a “move towards” or “move forward” empowering energy. 

So ask yourself:

What thoughts do I have about myself and the world around me?

Have those thoughts helped create or lead to a decision about myself?
Are those thoughts and decisions now beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be. They are often subconscious and most often, we don’t know we have them, until someone points them out. Limiting beliefs preventing us from pursuing our goals, desires and living in our purpose. When we have self-limiting beliefs, the things we want for our lives, tend to not  show up because we block them from coming into our reality. 

Limiting Beliefs:

  1. I am scared that if I put my real self out there, colleagues, leaders or my peers in my community will judge me or  scrutinize what I share online. 
  2. I can’t article myself well when showing up on camera. 
  3. I will come come as if I am attention seeking by showing up and sharing my passions, interests and/or thoughts to an audience. 
  4. I can’t teach about (insert topic here) as I don’t have enough knowledge. 
  5. I am still not successful in what I do so I don’t have enough credibility.

Reframing is looking at your problems in a different light.

There are two types of reframes: 

Context reframe: A comparative deletion which is any statement where a comparison is implied or given.

Examples include “I am not good enough.” “I am not an expert.” “I don’t have the knowledge” “She is this or that…I am not…” 

Meaning reframe: One thing= another.

Example Problem: “My kids are too loud”

Reframe: I am happy I have healthy kids who are self-expressive. This is creating a spin on the problem. It doesn’t SOLVE the problem but allows  you to create a new perspective aka a positive spin allowing you to let go of the “problem” and letting go of what doesn’t serve you and is holding you back. 

Empowering beliefs/reframes about sharing your message online:

  1. I will become a leader in my community because my message will resonate with someone who needs to hear it at the right time.
  2. I will feel connected with others by being intentional in why I am sharing my message.
  3. My experiences have given me enough knowledge to share with others & help them with the tools I have.
  4. The older version of myself would be so proud of how much personal growth and success I have accomplished throughout my lifetime.

When you start thinking in an empowered state, you start to share your message easily and effortlessly.


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