My Story

Karla Gregg

How I Learned to Empower My Individuality

“Hi bold, purpose driven leader, I’m Karla.”

I’m a heart-felt, vulnerable personal brand coach, video content strategist & brand storyteller.

Nothing fuels my soul more than helping professionals craft their personal stories, courageously show up as themselves, build confidence by owning their passions, personality and skills to build a brand with purpose, authenticity and a unique voice that whole-heartedly resonates with their audience.

I’ve been privileged to help celebrities, YouTubers, coaches, entrepreneurs and startup professionals create a bold vision, authentically share their personal brand story and create video content that has led them to get career and business opportunities.

If you’re ready to embrace your spark and turn your personal story into a marketable brand, I am ready to guide you!

You see, If I had to guess, I’d bet your brand journey started with a simple question, just like mine. For me, the question that started it all was simply WhatWouldKarlaSay? My response: I believe there is power in courageously showing up as ourselves and owning our truth. With that statement, I was able to become the self-starter, courageous, vulnerable and driven leader I am today.

What happened next...

Being a passionate storyteller who is in love with the story behind the scene, I can’t help but share the full version of how courageously stepping out of my comfort zone helped me guide others to build a personal brand of their own.

While studying Television Production and Journalism at California State University Northridge, I challenged myself to explore the world of vlogging to prepare me to work in the world of television. From there, I discovered my love for everything digital media content writing, interning for television stations; spinning up blogs for trendy pop culture forums; developing, producing, and editing video content for paid YouTube stars—I was ready for anything I could get my hands on. It quickly became clear that this was more than a career—it was my life, and I was ready to let the world in behind the scenes to my life.

My YouTube channel WhatWouldKarlaSay was born, and with its arrival, I was reborn into a newly confident personal brand & social media strategist/digital content producer/ entrepreneur/public speaker and podcast host. Isn’t it amazing how a little faith in your passions and skills can bring you big results?

…the rest is history

Sharing my story and building my personal brand over the years, has allowed me to gain business and professional opportunities all all while creating my own including:

  • Landed a job with NBC’s America’s Got Talent because of my knowledge in the digital space
  • Worked as a social media producer for American Ninja Warrior
  • Have landed clients who I have been able to craft their story, personal brand and social media strategy
  • Have spoken at conferences as a public speaker including a digital conference, Talent Land in Mexico
  • Got the privilege of traveling and volunteering with All Hands And Hearts  as an natural disaster relief ambassador
  • Have landed brand partnerships with well known brands such as Daily Harvest and Better Help.
  • Created a viral YouTube series called Never Have I Ever which has over 1 million views
  • Started a podcast called Live Well Be Bold where I interview well-known entrepreneurs

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