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Karla Gregg
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How I Learned to Empower My Individuality:

I am Karla, a purpose-driven storyteller, student of life, personal growth coach and NLP Master Practitioner. 

Nothing fuels my soul more than helping visionary women like you, embrace who they truly are, build courage and rewrite their story to create the life of their dreams.

When you are feeling stuck, unclear, lost or scared to move forward, yet have the willpower to let go of the fears and self-doubt, I have the perfect guidance to help you confront and conquer your fears & limitations!

Learn to harness your values, vision, purpose and story so you can gain the clarity, courage and confidence to become who you are meant to be. It takes bravery, self-awareness and willingness to work on yourself and to invest in having a person who believes in you guiding you.

You see, if I had to guess, I’d bet your personal growth and self-discovery journey started with a simple question, just like mine. For me, the question that started it all was simply WhatWouldKarlaSay? My response: I believe there is power in courageously showing up as ourselves and owning our truth. With that statement, I was able to become the self-starter, courageous, vulnerable woman,

The beginning:

Growing up, I idolized reporters working in the field – living the breaking news as it was happening and connecting with people whose lives were affected. I wanted to be like them.  The problem was, I was very shy as a child and my greatest fear was making wrong decisions, so I rarely made any. Even though I wanted to pursue reporting, I focused on all the what-ifs. I didn’t take risks, for fear of the outcome. But eventually, I found myself needing some sort of change to inspire me out of this limiting mindset. So, at 20 years old, I moved to Los Angeles to study TV Production & Journalism. While in LA, I fell back into old patterns, afraid of making decisions that could potentially affect others’ perception of me. This truth crystallized for me one day in 2016 when, on a first date,  gone wrong, I played a game of Never-Have-I-Ever. Through the process of the game, I realized how much life experience and adventures I had missed out on simply because of fear. That was the powerful inciting incident that led me to start my Youtube video series “Never Have I Ever,” in which I would try something new that scared me and film the experience. The series not only enabled me to face my fears, but also connect with others in the process, interviewing them and learning more about these niche activities I was bravely leaping into. I had to overcome the initial doubt of this idea when I filmed my first experience.  By asking “How can I step out of my comfort zone?”  “How can I get over a fear or limitation?” I was able to push myself rather than hold myself back.
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How I rewrote my story:

The success of the video series helped me land an opportunity filming about disaster relief in the Virgin Islands. While there, I interviewed a woman who had lost her house in a hurricane. At first, she was a bit closed off, until I was able to get to the deeper story, which enabled her to break through emotionally, opening up in a new and impactful way. This moment, along with my experience later working in social media marketing helping people find what makes them different through their personal story, catalyzed me to go after what I truly wanted: to help women break through their own walls and become who they truly are. However, before I helped other women, I had to truly become who I wanted to be, let go of shame and guilt in my story and rewrite it. In that Ah-ha moment, I invested in myself by getting certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and become a personal growth coach. Since then, I have helped women find who truly they are and show up as our authentic selves so they can become who they are meant to be and pursue their passions.

Karla's Credentials

Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology: 

Integrative Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach

Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master Practitioner of Mental & Emotional Release®

Master Practitioner of Hypnosis

*Trained by best-selling Author and NLP Trainer Dr. Matt James

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