How To Create Quality Video Content For Your Personal Brand

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When creating video content for your personal brand, you must ask yourself, “What emotions do I want to convey?” 

You see, building a personal brand is all about sharing your story, vision, values and embracing who you truly are all while determining what you want to be known for. 

Now imagine if instead of just posting inspirational quotes, screenshots of things you find interesting and aesthetically pleasing photos on social media, you focused on creating a personal brand that was heavily focused on video content? You’d instantly stand out from those who are too scared to show up. 

To start creating videos for your brand you need to: 

  1. Clarify Your Personal Brand Message & Target Audience –Ask yourself what it is you’re trying to communicate and who you are trying to help.
  2. Write What You Want to Say – Don’t just show up with no plan. Pick a topic you are dying to discuss that is relevant to who you are and what you do and create a list of main bullet points you want to discuss in a video. This will help you identify the important talking points and will avoid you rambling for minutes.
  3. Share A Powerful Story- Before getting into your bullet points, share a short story, in about 1-2 minutes that will hook your audience. 
  4. Let Your Personality SHINE– Don’t do or say what everyone in your industry is doing! Show your uniqueness and if you mess up on camera, just laugh it off and pick up from where you were (or you can edit it.) 
  5. Hire/Outsource An Editor – you don’t have to spend hours editing your mess ups. Hire a video editor using who can add graphics to it as well! 

Now if you start improving your on camera skills but are lacking high quality, well produced videos, i’d recommend signing up to Kevin Shen’s Dream Studio Course

In this course, he teaches you the framework on how he built his own production studio in his home, saved thousands of dollars creating his own videos versus hiring a videographer and the decision making behind the overall video production process.

You see, creating a studio is way more than knowing what lights to put up or what couch you want. The better videos you have, the more you’ll stand out on Zoom calls, videos for your online courses and videos for your social media platforms.  So if you’re ready to create professional videos in a professional shooting space that is cohesive to your overall personal brand, Kevin Shen will walk you through how to create texture and depth with lighting to convey a specific emotion that is relatable to your audience in his course. You’ll also learn how to test out your shooting space by using the right equipment from camera lens to a 3-point lighting system. If you’re looking for a cinematic look for your videos, this is the course for you. Here are 5-6 takeaways you’ll get from this workshop: 

  1. Types of lenses you’ll need for specific shot
  2. How to pick colors that are cohesive to your brand 
  3. How to use lighting to separate the subject from your background 
  4. Creating a space that will give you the exact framing you want 
  5. Understand what lighting you’ll need in your space layout 

Buy his course here: (Use SPECIAL10″ for 10% off at checkout) 

DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate of  Dream Studio Course which means that if you click on the link and buy through my link, I’ll receive a small commission ? By doing so, this allows me to earn some income through my brand and put out more quality, consistent content for you all!  Thank you so much for your love & support!

Now go and not only create video content with great context but with an easy, do it yourself cinematic look!


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