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30 Evergreen Video Content Ideas for Personal Brands

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With these evergreen ideas, you will be able to position yourself as an expert in your industry, answer your audience’s questions, provide free, valuable information and again, save yourself time.

As someone who grew their YouTube views to over 1+million, I believe in the power of creating evergreen video content ideas for YouTube. The reason I believe YouTube is great platform when building a Personal Brand is because it’s the #2 largest search engine. Google being #1. However, if you are not at a level where you can focus on creating video content for a YouTube channel, these evergreen video content ideas are still applicable to any platform. Although Instagram isn’t the strongest platform for search engine optimization, these ideas will give you back your time. Anytime a follower, potential client or current client asks you a question based on your industry, you can easily just send them a link to one of 30 of your evergreen video content ideas. 

    1. Your Brand Story: Share How You Got Started in Your Career (Note: Although this will evolve, keep in mind that the past never changes so that part of your story will still be a part of current times.) 
    2. A Story of Your Biggest Achievement: As a leader, self-promoting without shame is necessary as long as you come from a place of inspiring others to excel too. 
    3. My Top Secret For [Example: Landing Paid Brand Partnerships] Your audience will not only be grateful for you providing your knowledge but trust you and eventually be a raving fan that pays for your services or products. 
    4. My Life As A [insert what you do]: Showcasing your behind the scenes will not only humanize you but this is the perfect opportunity to tell your audience more about your skill set, why they should work with you and how you can help them. Of course this will also change within time but these are great videos to have in your history. 
    5. Top Tools For: Give a list of the most used tools, products and services you use in your industry. [Example: If you are a yoga instructor you can give your clients a list of equipment . If you are a fitness coach what services/products can you not live without like a meal prepping service company or specific food products.] 
    6. (Choose whatever # here) 12 Success Factors for… [Example: … 8 Success Factors for Building a Personal Brand in 2021]
    7. Answers to Industry FAQ: Answer a list of frequently asked questions in regards to your industry. The best thing about this is that when someone asks a FAQ, you can send them a link to this video. Saves you time and helps them. 
    8. Best (Insert Area in Specific Industry) Advice by Top (Insert Profession here): Create a list of leaders that you love, message them letting know you want to create a list of best advice from leaders in specific industry and include their tip in your post/video. [Example: Best Personal Brand Tips by Lifestyle Entrepreneurs] 
    9. Best Lessons Learned As A (Insert Your Professional Title here):Create A list of life lessons you have learned that can help those you want to serve] 
    10. Bucket List: Share Your Bucket list! This can inspire your audience to get goal ideas they can start to visualize and work towards. 
    11. Best Strategy’s For….: Create a list of specific strategies  in your industry that will help others excel. 
    12. Definition – Share what a term or certain industry jargon means. This will not only help your audience better understand what you do but also will position you as a leader in your space. Example [Personal Branding: What Does It mean? Then I’d explain a definition for my idea of personal branding. Aka “Personal Branding means getting paid for who you are not just what you do.] 
    13. Common Mistakes- Insert common mistakes that happen in your industry, service [Examples: Common Mistakes Yoga Beginners Make, Common Mistakes When Building A Personal Brand] 
    14. Single Greatest Tip In [Insert Your Industry Here] Instead of doing a list of Top 5 or 10 Tips, Give your audience one tip or piece of advice that they can NOT live without. 
    15. 5 Ways To Accelerate In [Give your audience an easy blueprint on how they can improve in what you will be teaching them] 
    16. Humorous Industry Insights: Give funny facts about your industry. This is a great piece of content that will humanize you and will make your content more entertaining to watch.
    17. How To Use… [A Step By Step Guide on Using One Tool in Your Industry] 
    18. How To Make… [Do Something In Your Industry From Scratch] 
    19. How To Guide… [Create a Visual Guide guide on how to use a specific product you use in/for your business.] 
    20. Your Company Values – Create a video, blog, email that shares your company’s values and tell your audience why they matter for them. 
    21. Case Study or Testimonials – Sharing truth is always going to get you a follower, viewer, lead or client. By telling real time stories or case studies from previous clients will earn trust with your audience. I suggest video testimonials along with a case study. 
    22. Informational Posts [Example: Best Practices for <loosing belly fat, public speaking, ect> ]
    23. Beginners Guide To- Explain concepts for someone who is new in learning about your industry. 
    24. Buying Guide –  Give your audience a list of what they should purchase when getting started in what you teach  [Example: If you are a photographer who teaches other photographers, give them a list of best equipment you love using!] 
    25. History of [ Give your audience a history lesson of when your product, tool, platform or industry first started and where] 
    26. Best Conferences and Events: Create a list of the most important industry events that happen year round. 
    27. Best Planner: Let your audience know what tools you use to best keep a schedule and consistent plan. 
    28. Best Podcasts For: Share a  list of podcasts that can help your audience feel inspired to then start working with you. Note: If you have a podcast add episodes of your podcast to the list.  
    29. My Worst Mistake When Starting Off: This video will showcase that you, like everyone else were once in the beginning stages. You can share a business, industry or career mistake that you now teach others NOT to do. 
    30. Busted Industry Myths: Share myths people believe are true from your industry. Be the expert that nip’s these myths in the butt. 

When creating these videos, don’t be afraid to promote what you do at the end. Of course, you don’t have to promote your products,  services or events in every video. However, it’s important you give your audience a call to action. It can be as simple as “Now go take action…download this freebie…or leave a question in the comments…” 

Hope this helps you create efficient content with ease! 


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