To successfully transform your company, create a work culture that will create impact, purpose and positively empower your team.

What is the number one thing that everyone wants?

 More sucess at work..
More productivity…
More hapiness…
More balance…
More purpose…
More skills…
More healthier relationships…
More energy…
More time..

In order to get MORE from your team, you must activate their fullest potential so they can become high-performers.

Create a focused, productive, passionate, purpose-driven and successful team, without compromising balance, wellness and a full-filled life.


Great employees and teams are created by how people think, feel, and act in heart, dedication and balance so that thhey can perform at their highest level, while still having a work-life balance.


How We Can Help Your Team

Through workshops, group coaching, conflict resolutions and 1:1 coaching for your employees, I help develop individuals and teams through providing feedback to improve their work life and career. We help your employees embody courage, confidence and clarity to strengthen their skills and energy in the workplace.

Karla Gregg holding study cards

Our Process

We will uncover the values, purpose, goals and help your team communicate with confidence and clarity so they can consistently deliver with creativity, clarity and confidence.

Karla doing coaching session

Personal Development & Growth

We help people adopt wellness practices that can help them take care of their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health so they can find balance in their personal and professional lives. *We provide personal growth workshops to build confidence, self awareness and cultivate a growth mindset.


We give your team more meaning by eliciting their values, purpose and personality type to make better decisions with confidence.

Individual Empowerment

Provide tools to help employees do the best work of their lives, to fell chanlleged and fulfiled. We help unlock the greatness in every person and connect them to their purpose and meaning through their work.

*1:1’s are provided to help people understand their own personal drive and how they can make an impact in their workplace. We help enable individuals to set personal and professional goals, and create actionable plans for achieving them


We give people the tools to use their voice and become an influential team leader & improve communication using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.

Confidence & Women - Confidence Building:

We give tools to help people improve their self-esteem, address negative self-talk, fears and limiting beliefs through confidence building exercises. *We provide an “Express Yourself” workshop for women who are ready to focus on their strengths, own their story, ditch perfectionism and rewrite their negative thoughts and build radical confidence in themselves and the workplace.

Cultivate Self-awareness

Cultivate self-awareness by understanding how to process  emotions, limiting beliefs and fears that surface using a proven technique called Mental and Emotional Release®, that helps identify and release your limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and unwanted behaviors that cause stress and anxiety. *Workshop on reframing and breaking  limiting beliefs. 


Goal setting to set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) objectives to plan specific steps to meet the long-term goals of your employees and organization. Workshop on goal and intention setting session to kickstart you taking courageous action on your vision in 90 days.

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Relationship Building

We help teams learn how to connect, build rapport, create trusted relationships and approach tough conversations with confidence while solving workplace conflicts with ease.

Storytelling & Vision

Master the art and science of storytelling to inspire change in the workplace and encourage “I get to!”  thinking versus “I have to!” mindsets. *We build vision workshops where you get to create your ideal-self and share who you want to become with your team members for accountability, shared company goals and outcomes, connection, collaboration, direction-setting and to better understand those around you.


  • 1-3 hour workshops in: Goal Setting, Condifence Building and Personal Growth
  • 1:1 Breakthrough Session for Your Employess
  • Group coaching
  • Strategies to improve your communication, mental health and confidence


  • Integrative Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach
  • Master Practitioner Of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner Of Mental & Emotional Release®
  • Master Practitioner Of Hypnosys
  • Trained by best-selling Author and NLP Trainer Dr. Matt James
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